Monday, May 17, 2010

Taking Stock of the Stash


Off to the left you can't see some of the handspun yarn very well I have a few skeins and small bits that need to find a project. You can see it a better better in the photo below.


Sad things is after sorting it all out I only have ideas for about half of the yarn and fiber. I have a small to med-bag of yarn leftovers. Some of it I could make into something but some of it I like to keep around just in case for sweater repair. The left over sock yarn might go in blanket but might not. I can't decide. Maybe a market bag?

I inherited the acrylic stash from a friend thinking I would make some toy veggies but I'm not in the mood. I'm tempted to use in a ripple blanket but then I would need more yarn. I'm not sure I want to start another blanket project.

I'm really tempted to pass the misc stuff on to someone who would enjoy stitching it up into something fun. Because I do have about 3 shawls I'm working on, a crazy blanket, socks, and some yarn I need to finish spinning.

I need to make room for about 3 pounds of fiber to spin up yarn for a sweater. I don't need all the fiber for the sweater but I want plenty for practice. I need to make room to start the Central Park Hoodie. I'm dying to get some of the new felici sock colors.


It has to fit in my fiber dresser. So some yarn has got to go....

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  1. this is great. labeled and everything! i flashed my stash here: