Thursday, May 6, 2010

Crazy Blanket


I started My Crazy Blanket in October 2009. I'm only using yarn leftovers or yarn I have dyed myself and the bits of handspun that's the right weight. I'm trying not worry about colors and and any particular sequence. This is very hard for my symmetry and color coding tendency. I'm not all that patient either.


My first go around was a fail as some of the yarns were too bulky so it came out kinds of wavy. I was trying to go with the flow but just couldn't manage it. So I started over.


Phew, much better.


This is where I was in December of 2009. Oddly enough just as it start warming up I've been motivated to work on it some. I picked it up again at the ned of april I have completed a few more blocks.


Even though long term projects are hard for me, I'm considering a similar blanket with sock weight yarn. See what I mean. Crazy!


  1. I love that teal/blue/yellow variegated square in the center!

  2. Hello Samantha,

    I like your blanket too!

    Kind regards,

    Crocheting Mom

  3. After 40 plus years of having to have everything be in perfect symmetry and matching colors, it was very difficult for my mental state when I took the Master Quilter's class in my county a few years ago. For the first class, we each had to bring in material that had been cut into 3" squares, plus a paper bag. Into our bag went two squares from each person. We then shook our bag and without looking inside, pulled out two squares and sewed them together. Shaking again, pulled out another square, sewed it on, etc, and turned the result into a tote bag. The results were all different, but all worked.

  4. Great job!!!
    congratulations :D