Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Life is just fun and learning happens

Recently, I read on an unschooling blog that to get unschooling you need to stop thinking about learning and focus on living. I realize I do think about unschooling and learning alot. Part of why I do is that it helps some that are new to unschooling get unschooling a little better to see how to unearth the learning that happens without teaching or school.

Yet, I can see that gets in the way of me posting here because I want to share how I see what they are doing as learning and sometimes I don't see it. I want to get away from that and just celebrate what they love to do and what they do.

So here's my practice at just sharing without trying to translate it into what they MIGHT be learning.

Corbin and I played a the park for a bit today and we did tricks on the swings. We also talked about his desire to jump off the slide platform with a rope tied around him. I told him I was afraid he might hit his head on the metal bars. He thinks it will fun :) We are still in the talking stages about this.

He's now in the living room playing with some pattern blocks and telling a story as he lays them out.

Jade is in her room listening to Harry Potter and playing with her dolls. She's come in every few minutes to share some insight she has about the book or something that she finds interesting.

Corbin also played in the Fort he built last night and that Jade helped him make improvements on this morning. He got out some sciencey typoe things we had and played with the magnets and also made a potion.

They both watched a few morning cartoons but the TV has been off for the rest of the day. Corbin did play some of the gamecube games we rented friday night.

I did some weeding in in the garden and watered in the some of the seeds the kids planted a week or so ago. We should have some home grown lettuce soon.

I spent a good portion of my day emailing on my local homeschooling list too Oop! on how or better what can help kids learn to read.

I set out the Art Trading Card Craft supplies to make some cards. Jade made some note cards instead. I made one card and Corbin made a few too.

Here's Butterfly Blue my ATC :
Butterfly Blue - ATC

One of Jade's collage cards she made:
Jade's Collage Card

Here's Corbin's Drgon Card:


I LOVE having a scanner.

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