Thursday, April 20, 2006

Yesterday and Before

Yesterday was a pretty quiet day not much happening or not as social and busy as we were yesterday.

I did get outside some to weed in the garden and water some of our seedlings. Corbin and I played some games and Jade is listening to books on tape and sharing tidbits of information she finds interesting. The both watched some TV.

Wednesday was filled lots of fun playing and talking. I did the talking with the the moms at my local homeschool group and the kids PLAYED! Corbin played with the boys being ninjas or something. He was upset when I said we are all going to head to McDonald's to play more there. He was having more fun at the park.

Jade had fun playing with someone she usually doesn't play with at homeschool group. It was funny when I asked about her time at group she said something to the effect: "Yeah, we had fun but sometimes we had to the stop because our play got out of hand." I asked "Out of hand how?" (It didn't seem like anyone was upset.) I guess the problem was ther imagination got out of hand with the magical universe they were creating so they would have to stop because their imagination was just too much! If all that happens is your imagination gets out of hand I can't think of anything the better to get out of hand can you?

The play didn't stop when the kids came home either, Jade and Corbin played together more. Then they played some more with a neighbors grandkid. I'd of thought they were played out. Later that night they made me coffee. I knew what they were doing but it was important to Corbin that it be a suprise. The coffee was good to just how I like it, very strong.

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