Saturday, April 29, 2006

I'm Exhausted

I was LAST weekend. This is a bit of old news but it lets you know what we've been up to.

I'm tired but it's a good tired, a diggin' in the garden tired. I got rid of a bunch of weeds or atleast tamed them for a bit. I covered some of the garden paths with straw so I can prevent grass and weeds growing there. I did a little mowing too. In places where the weeds were really bad in the path I covered the paths with newspaper first.

Right now it looks pretty barren but it looks much better with straw on the paths. I'm looking forward to lot of abundance in the garden this summer.
Garden South East Viewhuglekulture

You can see the beginning of the huglekultur bed Stephen is working on.


The strawberries look like they are going to produce lots this year if the I can keep the birds away from them. I am finally seeing some asparagus shoots coming up in my new asparagus bed. The lettuce is doing well too.


In between playing in the garden I had water fights with the kids. I read some email. The kids played with a little neighbor girl again today and road bikes with her on our block. Jade watched some TV and so did Corbin. I took breaks from garden work to read some email and make some lists.

This weekend has been RAIN. Lots of it. I'm home alone, while the kids and Stephen braved a camping trip with the KAW Bioregional group. They must be having an okay time. Corbin said he was packing his imagination.

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