Friday, January 23, 2009

4 cups of veggies a day! Really?

Apparently with with the new guidelines we should eat a certain amount of cups of fruits and veggies. I should eat 4 cups of fruits and veggies a day, ideally 1.5 cups of fruits and 2.5 cups of veggies. If want you want to see what your recommended amount it check out this link here. I'm averaging about 3 cups a day and honestly don't see how I could have more.

Unless I start adding veggies or some fruit at breakfast there is no way I can get that much in my diet. The only possible way to do so would be to completely leave out breads, grains, and meat. I'm not ready or really willing to do that because a bit of animal protein keeps me on an even keel. The grains add nice texture to the meal as well as some quick energy.

As it is I am pleasantly full after lunch and dinner so adding more veggies to the meal doesn't seem doable. I rarely want dessert which is very good but neither do I want any extra food at all.

I personally don't like to eat a large a breakfast. Sometimes after a breakfast of oatmeal or other grains I am hungry a bit later. So I could fix myself a small fruit cup, smoothie or a salad to add a cup of veggies. I really think if I did that I wouldn't be as hungry at lunch so my veggie intake would go down a bit. So it would only add 1/2 increase total.

Personally I think I'm doing really good getting 3 cups of veggies and some fruit a day. So I'm going to focus on that. The Harvard School of Public Health says not to focus on the numbers because it's different for each person. Yet they sort of contradict themselves here, saying we should aim for 4.5 cups each day. Maybe I'm too hard on myself , and I probably am, but 3 cups seems 1.5 cups short of 4.5 which in my half empty mine seem I'm running short.

In reality 3 cups is twice as much veggies I'm getting a day than I was eating and that is a good thing. When the fresh veggies start coming early this summer I might try a few days only eating veggies and fruits and see how I feel. I don't see that as completely doable everyday but might be nice for change.

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