Saturday, January 31, 2009

Whey? Yes, Whey!

I used the leftover whey from making mozzarella cheese in place of the 3 cups water. Actually I used 3.5 cups whey because I find if I don't my light wheat dough is too dry since I like to use 2.5 whole wheat instead of the 1 cup suggested. I started the dough late in the evening so I put it in the fridge to rise.

It rose in the fridge just fine.

Voila! Light Wheat Whey Bread with some Homemade Mozzarella Cheese. Yum!
You can make your very own homemade cheese too just go here and order one of the kits. You know you want to. I splurged and bought the dvd/book/mozzarella kit but kind of wish I hadn't.

But then again the book does have some recipes for making ricotta and cream cheese which I do think I will make. I'm in no hurry to make cheddar cheese which is a bit time intensive, especially when I can get some really good locally made cheese.


  1. Your bread is beautiful! Interesting adaptation, using the leftover liquid from mozzarella making. Does it affect the flavor of the bread?

  2. I think it tastes a bit more sweet and the bread seems to be browning more than when I use waster.