Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Arugula Pesto

At first it doesn't sound very appealing since I don't care for fresh arugula in my salad bowl. I really like Arugula pesto. I had it for the first time with some butternut squash ravioli at Free State. Since I can't afforest to eat out at Free State all the time, I made some at home last week.

I found my Arugula Pesto Recipe here and followed it for the most part but ended up using more raw garlic than roasted. 1/2 the bunch of arugula was enough to make the recipe then I steamed the rest to eat with another meal later in the week.

I found the pesto on the tangy side the first day but the flavor mellowed after a few days. If you wanted to try this on picky kids or adults I suggest making it a day ahead of time then it might be more of a crowd pleaser.

I enjoyed on it pasta with other veggies. It's been an extra condiment on top of local mesclun mix as well. So all in all a success for me so I'm getting more greens in my diet. I found out arugula ain't so bad after all.

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