Friday, February 17, 2006

Blast from the Past - My life in Europe

We bought a scanner.

So I am loading up the slides of my travels in Europe and the four months I lived in Copenhagen, Denmark. So far the pictures I have uploaded are kind of random. Just for fun I plan on sharing some of them here. So keep checking back. I plan on adding pics here and there and maybe a few scans of my journals too.

I might as well because it's taking a LONG time digitize all my slides. I have about 800 of them ;P

Pigeons on a Bridge at the Copenhagen Botanical Gardens. I was fascinated with the Pigeons that I saw everywhere.

Brandenberg Gate in Berlin

Where The Wall WAS. I was really excited to where it was although the wall was torn down the year before I got there.

A Zebra from the Berlin Zoo.

More to come soon.

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