Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Welcome to Fiber Star

This post was my first post from my former blog which all posts (hopefully) have been moved here.

Fiber Star (because secretly I want to be famous), is my place to share my wisdom and inspiration in my fiber arts journey. My current passion is crocheting.

I'm also learning to knit and dabble in felting, tie dyeing, and low-water immersion dyeing. Currently, I'm dreaming about teaching crocheting and dyeing, selling some of my designs and things I make, and writing articles about crocheting and other fiber arts.

I usually have several crocheting projects going at once. You can see some of my finished work and works in progress if you click on my flickr button on the side bar.

My project list just seems to get longer and longer:

FreeForm Crochet

Amigurumi, crocheted stuffed animals. I have made a few cats which I will share in a future post with a pattern too.

Make myself a poncho.

A baby blanket for my dd's baby doll(s)

A crochet stitch sampler

Make the colorwaves sweater (I already have the yarn.)

My ds wants me to make him a red sweater.

I want to improve my Spiral Baby Cardigan design.

I also want to make some hats and maybe a poncho for a young girl I found out has leukemia.

Crocheted slippers

A crocheted skirt

make the easy going hoodie and make the make an hemp necklace just below.

low-water immersion dye some fabric and clothing that's looking lonely and neglected from Dharma Trading Co.

Tie Dye some socks

Dye some yarn

And more.....

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