Sunday, February 19, 2006

Catching a Rainbow in Europe

As I slowly add all the photos (it takes about 15-20min for each set of four!), I question all the record keeping I do. Where is the balance of recording what you do to the point that you are too much the observer and not enough of a participant? It's hard to seek the balance.

When my daughter Jade was born I bordered on the observer too much. Then I swung the other way and I didn't take any pictures for a while and I regret it now. As I go through the photos of my travels I find it difficult to remember everything. I didn't keep a good written journal of things I did and places I went. Pictures are worth a thousand words but only if you have a good story to go with them. Thankfully, I do have a few stories to share. Yet they often don't have a picture to go with them. Go Figure!

I'm also a different person now so some of the photos have less of a meaning to me now than they did then. I was studying Landscape Architecture at the time so I took lot of photo's of path details and fountain thinking I would use them for inspiration in the future. Some were places I went to take my own pictures because I had already seen them in my classes. Now those same photos although beautiful seem superfluous.

I wonder when I get the chance to go back will I take as many pictures? Well, likely because when I go back I want to share the journey with my kids. Hopefully I will find the right balance of participant and observer.

My girlfriend and I were walking back from visiting a Villa in Florence (I think this is in Florence) and we were struck by the broken glass on the top of this ornate garage door.

Below are just three of the 20 or more pictures I took while visiting Villa D'este, the garden of 1,00o fountains, in Rome.

Just pure luck but the sun came out as were at Villa D'este and I caught this rainbow dancing in one of the main fountains.

A sketch of the same fountain.

This fountain was not working while we were there. I was a bit disappointed I wanted to see it.

Hopefully this is readable. What happened after visiting Villa D'este.

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