Thursday, February 23, 2006

Soft Purple Baby Blanket

Last night I finished a baby blanket I was making for my dd but is now for one of my dh's co-workers who just had a little baby girl. I hope they like it.

Here's a picture of it and a close up of the stitch I used:

I love the softness of Caron Simply Soft yarn and the fun texture such a simple stitch gave the blanket.

I have had some requests for the pattern for this blanket. So, I worked out a written and symbol pattern so you can make the blanket any size you want.

H hook (or hook best suited to yarn you are using)
Needle to weave in ends
I used ww Caron Simply Soft but any weight yarn should do. You will likely need to increase or decrease the foundation chain to make a blanket the size you want.

I needed (I think because I did not keep close track) 2-7oz skeins of each color to make my blanket. I made a xtra large baby blanket.

You can make it all one color or more than one color. I changed colors every 8 rows.

stiches used: dc, frdc
changing colors

Foundation Row: chain any odd number

First Row:
dc in the 3rd chain from the hook; dc to the end (should end with and even number of stitches.)

NOTE: this is different than your usual for dc (usually with dc you go in to the 4rth chain from the hook, just pointing this out because it's not an error.) Your turning chain will be ch2 instead of ch3.

Second Row:
Ch2. Turn. *fpdc , dc across* repeat *to* ending with a fpdc around the last stitch.

Repeat the Second Row as many times as necessary so the baby blanket is the lenght you want.

Another note:
I wrote the wrong shorthand or another form of the shorthand
rfdc =fpdc

baby blanket stitch pattern


  1. I love the colors and can't wait to start. Need to use up some of the yarn anyway.

    Will contact you when finish so you can see.


  2. I made a scarf using this pattern instead of an afghan! Turned out beautiful!