Friday, February 24, 2006

Free Form Spiral Doll Blanket

I enjoyed working on this last night. It worked up fairly quickly to. I'm using Red Heart yarn and an H hook. When I make another one I will likely try a larger hook to see if the blanket will have more drape that way.

I'm making this for my dd as a doll blanket. I'm having fun exploring the possibilities of free form crochet. In the future I want to make some baby blankets for real babies. I like the idea of making something on the funky fun side in bold and bright colors. I even like the pastels my daughter picked out for this one. (I'm not a a pastel colors person. I love bold colors even on babies)

Overall I'm liking the look. Especially how things are adding on to the outside but if you look at the last photo the project really doesn't lay flat and it's bugging me.

You can see that I added too many increases. I may frog back to the beginning and do less increases unless I get some suggestions on how I can salvage it.

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