Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Bear and Purse

My son has a little friend down the street who was having a birthday last weekend so he asked me to make her a little teddy bear. He contributed lots to the overall design of the bear.

He had me sew on a little pink heart for the bears belly (I don't have a picture of that sorry!) He also requested I make the bear a scarf and mini purse. Then I made a purse for the little girl to hold the bear in.

I was able to make this with everything I had in my stash in honor of use what you have. I am trying very hard this month to NOT buy any more yarn or craft stuff.

I have not succeeded very well though. I couldn't pass up a crochet book I found at half price books a few days ago for only $5 and a pattern for some fun book marks.

I haven't bought any new yarn for 3 weeks now!

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