Sunday, June 11, 2006

Postcard Art - Maybe

I'm trying my hand at making my own handmade postcards to take part in handmade card swaps on the postcrossing forum. I 'm feeling a bit creatively challenged but it's likely my perfectionism creeping in.

I like what I am creating "okay" but I really want to make a wow statement or something. For some reason I feel like I am cheating using others peoples photography to make cards. I think I need to find some unique way to use the materials.

Are there any artists (or lovers of art) out there reading my blog? I'd love some constructive criticism, inspiration or even just some plain old reassurance. Beauty is in the the eye of the beholder anyway. I might hate it but maybe you just LOVE it! If you do love something you see and I still have it I might just mail it too you!

This one I like and my receiver liked it too. She said he was going to frame it and hang it in her kitchen! So now I my art is hanging on wall in Austria. Cool!

Red Flowers and Food

This bountiful garden card I like it "okay" I think there is something missing here. I'm not sure the composition is very pleasing. I also feel like I am cheating on this card because the card is made of a gift box lid cut to size with seed packet pictures glued to the the top.

Bountiful Garden  - Beans

This one I like more than "okay" mostly because I like the photos of the happy smiles and the silliness of it. It makes me smile. Again, it feels like cheating because I am using others photos.

flower smiles

Maybe I am going to far with this flower and photo theme?

meditation love

Here I am seeing what happens when I add words.
baby joy

This one I love the colors but the composition I'm not sold on.
blue buttefly

Have some suggestions?

I have added more cards to my art card set in my flickr account to take a look if you want. Just click on the link in my sidebar.

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