Monday, June 26, 2006

Use What You Have Monochrome Swap

I just participated in my first use what you have swap. I made my partner a tote, amigurumi kitty, a bookmark and a headband.

The tote was inspired by the blanket in the Spring Interweave Crochet. The headband is my own design and you can find the pattern for it here in my blog. I did adjust the pattern a bit because I used size 3 cotton rather than ww yarn. The bookmark is a free pattern but I altered it a bit. The kitty was from a pattern book.

I enjoyed the creativity that was part of this swap and tried things that I would not have tried. It was hard to only use what I had for a whole month. I did break down and buy some cotton yarn at the very end of the month because I wanted to make some facecloths and I didn't have the cotton yarn I wanted. I also purchased some patterns that I didn't want to wait for. In my defense (except for the cotton yarn) I only used yarn from my stash for the entire month. You can see those things in my flickr photo gallery.

I like the idea of a use what you have swap because it makes you think and get the creative juices going. I found even in my other projects I could find something to use that I already had rather than go buy something new to finish it. Yet, Telling myself I couldn't buy anything was like being on a diet I wanted it even more! (Because I am new to dishcloths and facecloths and I just wanted to do it!)


Let's face it I'm addicted to yarn and proud of my stash!


It will all be gifts for family and friends and for me too. So, it will all get used eventually.

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