Sunday, June 11, 2006

Beauty and Function

Beauty and function can be hard to create in the unschooling home but NOT impossible. I really need beauty and order. I also need ease and functionality. As it turns out in our family the dining room is the best place to do crafts and the best place to store most of the crafts supplies.

Most of the time the dinning room does NOT looks like this. Often the table is covered with works in progress. The table MUCH cleaner than usual and only because I want to show off my first large doily I crocheted recently.

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I have more craft storage that spills into the family room.

3 great iPhotos

Having most of the craft stuff centrally located makes it much easier to keep organized and picked up and it's more likely to be used too.

Some day I would like something more atractive here rather than plastic drawrers but it serves it function. If I want I can hide it in the laundry closet next to the dinning room.

Today I plan on getting out a mask making kit I picked up at a garage sale earlier this summer. So the doily will go off to the side and the table will be getting dirty.

When we will have a party or some company and I want the place to look a bit nicer I can quickly transform this crafting center to something much more attractive. I move some things around and add some pictures from other places in the house and Voila!

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I plan on adding a "curtain" to the bottom part of the shelf to hide the plastic bins from view. When we have the funds I will likely make or buy some kind of cabinet that will offer the same storage possibilities.

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