Monday, June 5, 2006

more socks - the beginning

more socks - the beginning
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I'm working on a Sock CAL for CGOA members. I got this far then after doing part of the next task I decided to frog back to the beginning. I just didn't like how roomy the socks were at the toes. I was worried they would be even roomier if I kept going.

The pattern suggested I end with a certain number of stitches which didn't make sense to me if I want the pattern to fit my feet.

The gauge required was 13sc/2inch which is about 6.5 sc/inch. I measured my foot just under the toes and got about 8.5inch around. So that got me about 55sc needed to fit my foot. I decided if I ended with 54 sc I would get a snug fit and the sock will stretch.

54sc is just about what I ended up with when I did the grafton fibers toe up sock. I also changed how I did the increases. I did increases w/o a sc in between them which I think makes a tighter fit.

I hope I'm right.

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