Wednesday, June 28, 2006

We went camping

We are going camping several times this summer and took our first trip last weekend and had a great time. (Although the getting ready was kind of stressful)

We went to Pamona Lake Park where Stephen used to camp with his family when he was young (about 20 years ago!) We plan on camping in Pamona again in the fall. Our next camping trip will take us out Missouri way near the Ozarks (we think.)

Fishing at the Sandstone
Taking a break from the fishing to catch some shade instead of fish and get something to eat.

Fishing at the Sandstone
Stephen is still fishing on the sandstone he used to fish with his dad and grandfather.

Old Homestead
The Old Figgins Homestead is FOR SALE - 12 acres, a house, 2 ponds, and several out building that need major repairs. We were dreaming bit about buying the old homestead this weekend Corbin is ready he wants horses.

Uncle Lee's Horses
We stopped off to visit Stephen's Uncle Lee who raises horses. I wish I had a video camera. He called the horsed to us and it was beautiful. Words just don't do the picture in my mind justice. The two white horses are twins. One of them seemed to really like Corbin. He wants to get both of them when we buy the farm. ( Corbin seems to think we have decided to buy the farm.) Stephen and I just can't decide are we city mice out country mice? Then there is how in the world we will make money if we live in Pamona.

Pome on the Range Orchards
We found this orchard getting lost on the way back to camp from fishing and visiting the horses. It was a great find. We went back on the way home to get some peaches, their elderberry and blackberry wines, and some of their jams. Yum! The kids got apple slushies.

Pome on the Range Orchards
Feeding the ducks at the orchard.

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