Saturday, January 27, 2007

All things cute

I've been crocheting lots. I'm quite obsessed. I'm working on bookmarks, snowflakes and squares for two different afghans.

200 crochet blocks in progress
Can you tell I like purple?

I took a break yesterday from afghans and other things to make a few ornaments. I'll be ready for the holidays this year, I will! Here is the cuteness. I just love these little and not so little buggers.

mini cat ami ornaments
Made with #10 thread and a #6 steel hook

ami ornaments

rabbit ami ornament

Made with worsted weight yarn and an F hook.

I used a free pattern you can find here, designed by same designer of the Amineko amigurumi I shared earlier. It's a Japanese pattern which I used babble fish to translate.


  1. oh my! those are really cute!

  2. eeeek! i love the little buggers! adorable :)


  3. That is too cool! That you can do a pattern in another language, on too small yarn with too small hook, and that it can be translated too. What an age we live in!

    One of those cutie things that all your friends and family are going to be saying "Oh! I want one!"