Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Great Bookmark Swap - My Survey

I'm ready to start swappin' in the Great Bookmark Exchange. If you are interested in participating just check out the Great Bookmark Exchange. You send a handmade bookmark and a gently used book to your partner and get on in return.

1. What genre of books do you enjoy most? (i.e. mystery, romance, horror, historical, biographies, autobiographies, fantasy, sci-fi, etc)

I read quite a bit of what it is called chick lit. I like fantasy novels and I venture into kid literature quite a bit too. I like books with strong women characters. I like books with a historical thread to them but not necessarily historical if that makes sense. I don't read horror or romance novels much any more.

2. What sort of bookmarks do you like best? (long, short, lacy/elegant, fun/cute, corner, tasselled, etc)

I like long ones. I'm open to the style such as lacy or fun.

3. What are your favorite colors?

purple and green, all jewel tones

4. Are there any colors you don't like?

orange and pastels

5. What sort of "theme'' would you like your bookmark to be?

I like flowers. I'm open to things whimsical or kitschy or bookmarks with a season or holiday theme to them.

6. Are there any "themes'' that you wouldn't like?

I'm not Christian so I'd rather not receive a cross bookmark.

7. Can you send internationally?

I can but I would like to keep that to a minimum throughout the year depending on how many swaps I do.

8. If your partner wants to send along extra goodies (like tea, candy, cocoa, etc), what do you enjoy? And is there anything you don't like/can't have??

First off, I do not have to have the xtras! I do like black licorice and dark chocolate. As far as coffee goes I like a good medium roast but no flavors with the exception of mocha. I like whole beans as I grind my coffee fresh when I brew a cuppa.

9. What crafts are you going to use to make your bookmarks?

I'll likely crochet mine with thread. I might venture into to some paper art as well.

Is there a particular craft type you would like to receive? (knitted bookmarks, plastic canvas, etc.)

I'm open to your crafting preference. I like getting new and different things. I get inspired by all kinds of crafting.

10. Do you have any allergies???


11. Do you smoke, have cats/dogs, or anything that other members might be allergic to??

I don't have any pets right now nor do I smoke.


  1. I'ma gonna do this! Thanks for posting about it. How is your bookmarking going? I saw your post from last year on the Crochetville site about CAL bookmarks.