Monday, January 1, 2007

W(h)IMs - just the crochet ones!

Works in My Mind (WIM)

I want to make so many things, the kids ask me to make them things but I get so easily distracted by the next new book or technique. So to have a better idea of what I want to do I went through my many crochet magazines and pattern books to see what I've been dreaming of making. I think I need to live 'til I am 150 at least. Not to mention I need to win the lottery to afford to do all of these things. I also want to spend time with my kids before they grow up and have the grandkids I want to spend time with. There is my husband and my friends. Oh the horror (as my son would say) what's a fiber geek to do?

So I'm making a list and checking it twice to get more clear on what I really want to accomplish. How many shawls does one woman really need to have? How many pairs of socks? I'm not sure I'm much clearer yet. At least when I'm burning to buy some yarn or wanting a challenge I can go to this list and think about it for a minute. It might help curb my PAS -pattern acquisition syndrome. I had to stop myself twice at the book store a few days ago from buying the Crochet 2007 calendar (many of the patterns are available free online anyway) even though it was 50% off and a crochet magazine with some cute holiday crochet crafts.

House Hold Items:
  • Skull Pot Holders - Happy Hooker - pg 257
  • Tapestry Crochet Hot pads using #10 thread not sure which ones but one of them
  • Wash clothes and dish clothes using new stitch patterns
  • Kaleidoscope hot pads - edge them with dark
  • Wash cloth on city of crochet
  • water bottle holders
  • Grocery bag and bag dispenser
  • Sunburst Thread pot holder - Magic Crochet April 1991
  • Beanie/skull cap - Learn to Crochet - I already made the one with the brim and don't care for it on me. Maybe I should just frog it back to a beanie?
  • Crocheted Roving Hat - Magazine? - pg61
  • Easy Hat- Interweave Crochet - Jan 2005 -pg95
  • Honey Panta from Nexstitch
  • Anklet - Crochet! - July 2006
  • Hemp Flower Necklace - Interweave - 2005? (In progress, I'm making one for a gift)
  • YoYo Halter-Crochet! July 2006 - pg38
  • Brave New Bra - Interweave Jan 2006 - pg26
Winter Holiday
  • Snowman - it pattern of a wreath but I'd use them as an ornament - Crochet Today - Nov 2006
  • Snow Flake - Crochet Today Nov 2006
  • Roxy Santa ornament
  • Roxy Snow man ornament
  • stocking animals - It's a Japanese pattern so I will need to translate using babble fish - one made
  • Seal Ornament
  • Star in Star ornament
  • mini stocking ornaments
  • Star of Wonder - Magic Crochet - Oct 1991
  • Beaded Pineapple - Magic Crochet - Oct 1991
  • Snowflake - Magic Crochet - Oct 1991
  • Exchange Bag - Happy Hooker - pg50 -uses nylon thread really want to give this a try
  • Good Vibration (felted bag) - Hip to Crochet - wait for scraps from Stephen's wool knitting
  • Nested Baskets - Hip to Crochet - pg 103
  • Tapestry Crochet bags - Hip to Crochet or some that are online
  • Bobble-a-long Aran Tote on Round the 'ville
  • Corbin wants a skull bag of some sort
Sweater possibilities:
  • Unseamly Sweater - Happy Hooker - pg203
  • On the Side Cardigan - Hip to Crochet - pg 77
  • Sweet - Top down sweater - Crochet me - might be a good use of some of my fun yarns for a soft warm sweater - want to try this technique some time
  • Easy Going Hoody- Interweave Fall 2006 - pg 50 - also fits my casual sweater desire but might be more of an out and about one
  • like to design my own or find a simple cardigan to make that fits nicely
  • Jade says she wants a sweater
  • Sevilnnina - Magic Crochet - Feb 1993
  • Safari - Magic Crochet - Oct 1993 - very femm
Skirts (Just one crocheted skirt would be enough unless I really like them)
  • Violet Beauregard Skirt - Happy Hooker - pg 224
  • Block on a Roll - Hip to Crochet - pg 83
  • Jolly Rancher Skirt on Crochet me
  • Denim Shell (for me a bit longer!) Crochet! -July 2006
  • Viva La Provence Skirt - Interweave Jan2006 - pg62
  • Pencil Skirt
  • Hairpin Skirt in Interweave summer 2006 I think. I need to learn how to do hairpin lace first.
Lapghans, Afghans, blankets etc
  • Round Ripple - lots of free pattern on line
  • Lap of Luxury - Encyclopedia of Crochet - pg96 - this might be a good one for my mom
  • Ripple Afghan - sharp or classic ripple pattern in Encyclopedia of Crochet
  • 63 squares afghan
  • Purchase the 200 blocks book and make an afghan from that - Just started - 6 squares so completed
  • Learn to crochet afghan from Crochet Your Way (not completely sold on this book) passed this book on
    • Crocheted Sleeves shirt - Crochet! - Sept2006
    • love to embellish some of my camisoles with a crocheted edging
    • Crochet Dude's Coffee Cozy
    • Simple sc coffee cozy
    • Sally's Crochet Hook Case
    • Bookmarks my goal is to make one bookmark a week - I have lots of favorite I found on line already printed off and in my notebooks - made several so far
    • one snowflakes a week - 5 snowflakes completed - joined a CAL on the 'ville
    • swimsuit cover up in thread maybe my own design not sure
    • freeform crochet cards
    • Java Jammie
    • Jazzy Java Jacket-This could be a great way to use up some of my fluffy yarns
    • find a project to use up lots of my fluffy yarns a wild blanket maybe - Done!
    • my goal is to complete at least 1 doily a month if not more
    • I want to make one brugges lace design this year - at least one
    • Finish a Irish brugges lace design I started
    • Tiny hearts doily again in pink or red maybe in #20 thread as well
    • Oval Fan Doily - Magic Crochet Dec 1990
    My Designs
    • get sock pattern tested
    • freeform bag or shawl
    • work on freeformesque tea cozy pattern
    • fall shawl (have all I need for this)
    • work on pattern for spiral child cardigan
    • tarot card holder
    • Spiral Shawl - Mon Tricot - pg80 (really want to make this a goal for this year)
    • Sweat Pea Shawl - Happy Hooker
    • Granny Poncho Encyclopedia of Crochet for my dd?
    • Caplet - hip to crochet for my dd?
    • Butterfly Shawl - have some to start -
    • Felted adult slipper
    • felted kids slippers (need pattern)
    • crochet slipper in Children's year
    • Latvian wrist warmers - Crochet! -Sept2006
    • Lady Like Lace - Happy Hooker
    • Mittens - Hip to Crochet - pg 26
    • Button Up Socks - Encyclopedia of Crochet
    • Mardi Gras - Stocking Feet - CAL - on crochetsocks group - Done!
    • Pebbles Sand - Crochet Socks
    • Ribbed hiker - Crochet Socks
    • terrific thong sock - Crochet Socks
    • Socks with granny square cuff
    • kids want me to make them my slipper socks too (started a pair of socks for jade)
    • baby toddler sock I want to come up with a simple pattern.
    • one skein scarf - Happy Hooker Done!
    • Muffler - Encyclopedia of Crochet
    • Zen Stash Diving Scarf ideas
    • Scarf in Learn to Crochet but I want to make it skinnier
    • medallion scarf currently a UFO I want to finish
    • Amineko! (already started) All made you can see it here
    • crocheted Doll in Bust magazine
    • make Corbin a dragon
    • Sprite Doll on Crochet Me
    • unicorn for kid(s)
    • jade would like some doll cloths
    Motifs I like that might be good for table runners, small blankets, snowflakes or book marks:
    • Magic Crochet- Feb 1993, Dec 1993, Dec 1992, Aug 1993, Oct 1993
    Other thread Stuff:
    • Hankies - Magic Crochet - Feb 1993
    • Bookmarks one a week
    • Sachets - Magic Crochet - Feb 1993, Aug 1992
    • Sachets - Crochet Lace with Pictures
    • Flower Coaster - Magic Crochet - Oct 1993
    • Coaster - Magic Crochet - Oct 1993 (make a good snowflake too)
    • Pretty Lady bookmark - very vintage - Magic Crochet Feb 1990
    • Photo frames - Magic Crochet - Aug 1992
    Crochet techniques I want to learn:
    • cro-tat - a crochet and tatting technique you use a special crochet hook
    • Tunisian crochet
    • tapestry crochet
    • hairpin lace
    These are just my crochet things I want to do someday. I also want to spin more fibers, sew some things and learn how to knit too. If only I could have about 5 more hours a day.


    1. Computer challenges - hope this doesn't appear 4 times.

      Oh, oh, oh! I've been dying to comment on your blog but couldn't think of a good reason that wouldn't make me look like a stalker. The skull potholders from SnB-HH are to die for! I made a pair in a couple of days - my first graph - as a Christmas present. I used much less yarn than called for and can't wait to make a pair for me with the leftovers. I have been pleased with the whole book, which I can’t usually say about pattern books.

      The sweet pea shawl and violet beauregard skirt are on my list too, but I can’t decide on the yarn or colour.

      We have also made the one skein scarf lots of times as gifts.

      BTW - we unschool our children as well!


    2. Linda, you aren't a stalker you're a fan right? So comment away. How else do I start a following ;)

    3. Right, right, I'm just a fan! Today I'm mostly a fan of your list. Nothing commits us to a project better than putting it in writing.