Friday, January 5, 2007

It's an Amineko

I've wanted to make one for so long ever since I found amigurumi. I finally finished one today.


Taking a nap

Amineko means crocheted(knitted) cat - ami is crochet/knit and neko is cat. It's designed by a Japanese artist who has graciously translated the pattern for us not Japanese speakers. You can find the pattern here. The original Japanese page here.

I use my E size clover soft touch hook ( Japanese hook too) and ww dk green Redheart Supersaver, and ww light green TLC Essentials. I need to add a few xtra rows to the legs and maybe the arms to get the right length. I tend to crochet short on gauge although no row gage was recommended. The next one I might go up a hook size and see the difference it makes. I thought I would get a tighter fabric using an E hook.

I forgot too mention...
The pattern suggests you use pellets in the body, feet and hands. The weight of the pellets help it sit up and hold it's positions better. I sewed up little bags of pellets for the feet and hands and a large one for the body. The rest of it stuffed with poly fiber fill. You don't stuff the legs or arms so they are "bendable." I need to work on my pellet bag design and/or need to insert the bags before I finish crocheting the arms and legs because they were a pain to get in.

One thing I can check off my WIMS!


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