Monday, January 15, 2007

Socks - another pair

I finished another pair of socks this weekend. The pattern is, Mardi Gras, from a book called Stocking Feet published by Annie's Attic, you can also get just that sock pattern at e-pattern central.

It took me a while to figure out the pattern. I needed to adjust it quite a bit so I could get it over my foot! I think it was design for smaller feet and with my 9.5 size foot I needed to add some stitches so I could get the sock on and off.


I started making the sock in Stockotta by Plymouth and that is just not very stretchy. Then I switched over to Dancing by Knit Picks because it has elastic in it. I still jumped from 45 stitches to 54 stitches to make it work for my feet. I adjusted the heel too but I may have added too many stitches there because it's a bit big there.

I like how they turned out, I especially like the stitch pattern.


I think it would look really nice in a sweater. The elastic yarn was easier to work with than I feared. I've seen elastic yarn at elann that might be great to use for a crochet camisole for the summer. I can show of ALL my curves that way, well hopefully not all of my curves.


  1. Your skill continues to astound me. How's the spinning going?

  2. very cute socks! I have always wanted to make some but haven't figured it out yet.