Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Oh my so much...

Today has been, still is as I am writing this the most amazing day.

It started with Jade wanting to celebrate Molly's birthday, her most favorite doll. There was a bit of confusion when her doll was born but we managed to get that figured out and Jade is now in the kitchen baking a carrot cake.

Speaking of birthdays, that reminded me to find the birthday calculator that tells how old you are in seconds, minutes etc. Corbin wanted to know that last night.

With Jade making a cake and celebrating a Molly's birthday, Corbin wanted to know what he could celebrate? So we looked up on the earth on a calendar here, to see what we could celebrate today. Today is the Independence Day for Burkina Faso. This led to Corbin writing a a song.

Independence Day
By Corbin Figgins

Oh, breaking down the walls
Oh, breaking down the walls
Oh, breaking down the walls

We will be FREE
We can’t live en captured
We want to be FREE

Our independence is strong
We can’t fall down again
We are independent in ourselves

We are trying to break down the walls, break down the walls!

So we can be FREE……

Then Corbin decided to make a Gate to Independence out of popsicle sticks. He wants to make a cake too. If you read a bit more on the Burkina Faso page you might find that January 3rd is one of many "independence days" of that country.

Jade found some music appropriate for an Independence holiday too. We are listening to a song by Sarah Pirtle called Walls and Bridges:

"Why do we make walls? These walls divide us.
Why do we make walls? These walls just hide us.
Why do we make a fist? We could reach out our hands.
I want to make a start building a bridge from heart to heart.
building a bridge from heart to heart."

Then Corbin shifted gears and decided to decorate one of his sweatshirts with a spider so he did a prototype drawing then he had me draw it on his shirt. Now back to making the gate. While he was working on the gate, I read him a bit about where Berkina Faso is and "sang" their national anthem to him.

All this while Jade has been making her cake. When it was all done we sang Happy Birthday to Molly and had some cake. Jades carrot cake turned out to be enough celebrating. Maybe tomorrow Corbin and I will finish our Independence Day celebration. When do we ever finish celebrating our Independence, our freedom.

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