Tuesday, June 19, 2007

out in the garden

The raspberries are here. Yum!

You can see some grapes too.

I planted two more grapes as well. These are the Canadice, good for jellies, wine, juice and table grape. We'll be eating ours. We got new grapes at Vinland Nursery, so now we have a Kataba and a Niagra.

We also picked up a fragrant Purple Cone flower called - I did save the tag. It doesn't loo like much yest since I cut back the first flower. You want to do that when you get new plants, so the plant establishes good roots first rather than flowers.
Out in the Garden
We were sold on its butterfly attracting properties since the monarchs really liked it while we ere there. That was something that was pretty cool about this nursery they had bugs. How many nurseries do you see like that.

On the way home we stopped off at Davenport Winery to get some Kansas grown wine. We like it there so I recommend taking a trip out. They are open for wine tasting 4-7pm on the weekdays and 12pm- 4pm on Sat.

The potatoes are going gang busters at least on top.
Out in the Garden

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