Tuesday, June 12, 2007

too many wips ...

too many works in progress (wips) that is.

I say I have too many wips and I just might because I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. But truly I like having several projects to work on because they each have their place. If I'm bred with one I pick up another. I'm know to start another project, usually small ones in between all this too. Did you see all the dish cloths I made? I've been working on those more than these lately.

Like my crocheted sweater has some patterning to it and needs some attention so it good for quite time at home. This is the Suzanne Hoodie from Cool Crochet by Melissa Leapman. I making out of a heathered purple yarn wool yarn by Cascade. The pic really doesn't do the yarn color justice.

The Harry Potter scarf is great for car knitting (I'm not the one driving, I promise!) I like taking to homeschool group too. I got lots done on this visiting the in laws.

The socks in progress I'm doing a basic knit on the foot so they are also good out for an about project. I keep these in my purse for emergency knitting ie. the kids are taking forever at the library or at the grocery store. I got some done on these this weekend too.

I have the ripple gahn but it's unlikely I will do much on it until it gets cool again.

I also have some thread grannies and yarn grannies I'm doing. I see these as long term use up the stash projects. The ripple ghan is like that too.

This doll spiral blanket I really need to finish. I know my daughter will love it because she picked out the colors. I have a hard time working on it because it just doesn't excite me at all. I will persevere.

I crocheting this lovely Chrysanthemum Shawl from Amazing Crocheted Lace. I'm not far from finished. I'm using Soy Silk yarn from Southwest Trading Co. It is divine. Been working on this today.

The exchange bag from Happy Hooker. It's made from nylon yarn from omega. I'm not really a bag/purse person but I love the looks of this so I had to make it.

See this afghan, blockas are from 200 crochet block by Jan Eaton, I *still* have not woven in all the ends.


  1. i love all of those pix. i'm the same way with tons of projects, all are differnt for different things and times..

  2. that is a lot of projects! you do such nice work!

  3. It's all beautiful. I probably have as many projects strung around... but none of them involve yarn! Mine wouldn't be nearly so picturesque.

  4. WIP also here!
    I just made a rule last friday.I'm going to finishing one work everyday. I don't have so many bags anymore for so many projects:)
    And it is working...until when?