Sunday, June 17, 2007

Read this book - Please

Pretty, pretty please with Locally Grown Honey on top (maybe if you live in Florida you can do Organic Florida Crystals), read this book:

Animal, Vegetable, Mineral by Babara Kingsolver and her family. It's about their goal to eat locally for a year in the Appalachia Mountains and also about the history of modern agriculture. Kingsolver and her family, share their story (so far , I'm 15o pages or more in to it) with wit and wisdom. After reading a book like this I feel overwhelmed and guilty as hell but not with this book.

I am inspired. I am recommitting myself to eat more locally this year and in season. Organic Apples from Australia, maybe not this year. I think it's a visit to Fieldstone Orchards, maybe some peaches nearby and can them for some freshish fruit this winter. Heck she has me thinking about making cheese again. Barbara Kingsolver make her own cheese. Now how cool is that! Not sure what to do about my love for caffeine. We shall see. Some changes are in order.

So Stephen and I started by going to the Farmers market Saturday and came home with some locally grown salad greens, radishes, carrots, basil, honey, honey sticks (for the kids), and broccoli.

Lunch Menu:

Today we had Carrot Top Soup which included carrots, diakon (don't know where it came from), herbs from out garden, onions (not from kansas I am sure) , rice (that doesn't grow here.)

Dinner's Menu is Pesto Pasta and a salad:

Pesto was made with is local garlic and basil, the walnuts were not local nor was the olive oil or lemon I squirted in it. The broccoli was local and steamed. The pasta was organic but not local

Salad: local radishes, some salad greens, read leaf lettuce came from California and the grated squash I don't know. Salad Dressing : pre-made and not local

Now off to finish dinner.


  1. Glad to hear you like it so much. I have it on order from the library. Hope it gets here soon! There was a list, but I think I got on early. We are finding it pretty easy to eat locally through the summer with our fabulous and affordable farmer's market. We certainly aren't 100%... not even trying really, but with so many options our diet is certainly loaded that direction.

  2. cool! I'll have to read it. It's been on my list.