Thursday, June 14, 2007


Not such a tragedy really , well maybe if you have lots of kids or your kids are young.


Our dishwasher died a few weeks a ago. So it's back to hand washing dishes. It's a good thing I've been knitting and crocheting up several dishcloths. It makes the job much more enjoyable, when I get to hold a colorful and pretty cloth in my hand.

I have also limited our dishes down to basics for each person in the family, everyone has their own set. We have mix matched dishes so that works well. So if your bowl is dirty it's time to wash it. So far it working well. Dishes are usually done, before I go to bed. The dishes need to be done once more during the day. It never takes long, 15min. max.

When doing the dishes, isn't looking at pretty dishcloths much more fun that that ugly old thing above?


  1. Wow! You are so brave. If mine died I'd be weeping and wailing and throwing myself on the ground begging for a new one. I told Rand about your minimal dishes approach and he thought it was brilliant. Don't know why I can't wrap my head around it. I'm just in love with my dishwasher, I guess. ;-(

  2. I agree with you about making it a pleasant experience by using pretty dishcloths. I like nicely scented dish soap,too.