Thursday, March 13, 2008

Booking Through Thursday: Playing Editor and Cheif

How about a chance to play editor-in-chief? Fill in the blanks:

__________ would have been a much better book if ______________________.

In general I like a book or I don't like a book and sometimes I think it's a personal issue and less to do with the writing. There are a few books out there that I think needed some tweaking to be better reads.

I didn't care for For Give Me by Amanda Eyre Ward. There was a subplot story to the book that I never understood why it was there. So I think it needed to be ditched or maybe a story from that because I liked the subplot.

I like the Outlander Series. I wish there were a few less rape scenes in the story. I listen to the audiobooks now. That is the only way I can enjoy them now. These books are too dang big. So some size editing would be good too. I know other who love long books like this.

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  1. I liked Forgive Me but I have to admit that I skimmed the subplot pages. Happy BTT.

  2. I totally agree. I didn't like The Road, but it won a Pulitzer (isn't that what it won?), so obviously any changes I made couldn't have made it much better.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way. :-)

  3. I have not read any from your list, so I can't comment. But still I'd prefer books than audiobooks if you ask me. ;)

    Happy BTT!

  4. I haven't read either of those but I sympathise with your comment about the Outlander series. I remember being quite disturbed when a favourite character ended up getting raped.

    I like your fiber projects btw - very pretty :)