Friday, March 7, 2008

Finished Objects Friday

I've been busy.

I finished this baby blanket for my neice who likes frogs:

Frog Blankie

Frog Blankie
Frog Blankie

The frog motif is by crochetroo who sells patterns on etsy.
Several Colors of Red Heart Soft and and I/5.0mm hook.
I wip stitched squares together and like how that looks.

Another pair of mittens, this ime they are for me.
Basic mittens

US 5 /3.75 mm circ needle to do magic loop
House Mitten Pattern from Charmed knits
Lambs Pride worsted in Chianti

Felted mittens for me too.
Felted Mittens

Double Cuff pattern from Knit One, Felt Too.

Patons wool in purple for the felting part
US 11 needles

Lambs Pride in turquoise for the cuffs and needle felted curlies. I which I had knitted the cuff a bit longer so it would go under the coat, without that there is a bit of a draft. The sure keep my hands warm. I did about 3 inches so I might do 6inches next time.

Frog tree alpaca in lavender and rowan silk spray in pinks used to crochet flowers that are needle felted on to the mittens.

Hermione Cable and Bobble Hat

My very first finsihed knit cables project and the first time I knit bobbles too. It turned out pretty good but I will need to work on my tension when doing cables.
Hat pattern from Charmed Knits
Knit Picks Andean Silk - 2 skeins - I love this yarn it is so soft!
US 8/ 5.0mm


  1. I am absolutely in love with the frogs. I may have to learn to read those patterns yet... or maybe I'll just keep telling my talented friend how much I love those frogs!! ;-)

  2. What gorgeous colours!!! And so neat, too. Lovely.

  3. Wow! All of your finished projects look great! I'm in love with those granny square frogs! Thanks for the info on that pattern!

  4. I love that blanket. Those little frogs are so cute! What a neat idea...and the colors are great, too.

  5. What a gorgeous blanket and what a lucky niece! I love crochetroo's patterns. They're always cute and they're easy to make too.

  6. I Love your frog afghan! It's adorable!


  7. I just discovered your blog. Your frog rug is fabulous. Thank you for making my design look so good!

    Cheers Susan