Wednesday, March 12, 2008

WIP Wednesday

Another pair of mittens. I'm using the Basic House Mitten pattern from Charmed Knits and some cascade quatro in purple. Can you tell I like purple?

WIP: another pair of mittens

A granny ghan, I'm getting there. I was here just a few weeks ago
Granny Ghan

and now I'm here
WIP: granny ghan
I only have a few more rows to do and weave in some ends. Most of it was made using stash but then I bought more to finish. Now what to do with the yarn left over?

Autumn Romance pullover.
Romantic Pullover

Is actually a UFO, as in unfinished object, since I have worked on it for months. It's time to get on it. The spring weather will be perfect to wear it.

Since I am almost done with this cardigan I have the time.

This is the same pattern as my heathered purple cardigan. I made the neck a bit higher. I'm not going to add buttons but make a button clasp like the ones in Everyday Crochet by Doris Chan. I'm a bit disappointed with this as it's a bit too small. I'm planning to block it a bit more so hopefully it will grow a bit and dear daughter can wear it for more a than a few months.

This afghan is done all except for the the ends that need weaving in. It will be for another niece expecting a baby this month. She's in the Navy so the colors are appropriate, yes?
WIP: Soft Blue Baby Blanket

A doily that hasn't been touched for months.
Delightful Doily
I got a question about the thread spool. I found it a kitchen supply store and it's a stainless steel meat pounder. It works great as a thread spool.


  1. Wow, what a lot of work!!! And everything looking gorgeous.

    Tell me about your thread holder?

  2. Thanks and I added info on the post.

  3. wow you have been busy!! I love it all. I really love the granny square afghan! Great job. :)

  4. You REALLY have MANY works in progress. I don't have as much courage. I might do two, but prefer working on one until complete as long as it's not a long term project(That would more than two weeks for me), then I will stick some small project(s) to distract me, then go back again.

    I don't think I've quite done more than three at a time. Well, I'm a busy person. What mother isn't right?

    All your works are lovely. I particularly like the purple sweater and the baby afghan. Take care.