Friday, September 28, 2012

Fiber Friday - What's Dyeing?

So if you happen to read this in any kind of blog reader.  Mea culpa.  I accidentally posted it earlier this week and updated later in the week and did it again.  Sigh.  Now it's posting today even tbhough it's not Firday.  I give up.  Fiber Friday comes early.

Anyways, I'm dyeing some yarn to knit Solstice Stockings for the family. I thought it was about time to have something colorful and fibery to put goodies in this year.

All the colors: Magenta , teal, dk yellow, and purple

I dyed the yarns in my dye crock pots using 1% stock solutions, of jacquard acid dyes, at depth of shade of one which means I will use 1 ml of 1% stock solution for each gram of fiber.  If I had done a depths of shade of two I would use 2 ml of dye stock for every gram of fiber.  I chose a depth of shade of one to get a medium dark color.

The yarn base is Oatmeal Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool.  It takes dye wonderfully. I weighed out about 70 grams of yarn for each color and measured 70 ml of total dye solution for each skein.

Magenta on the top left: I can't give you an excact formula because I didn't not write it down right away.  So what I share is a guess

Magenta:  for the boy kid
40 ml fuchsia ( This is some fiber reactive color I used as an acid dye)
10 drops periwinkle
10 ml cherry or vermillion

Teal:  for the husband
This one was easy  70ml of  teal

Yellow Orange: for the girl kid
50 ml aztec gold
20 ml sun yellow

Purple: for me!
60 ml Burgundy
10 ml Periwinkle


Each family member chose the colors for their stripe and I will use all the other colors for the ribbing, toes and heels.  For example my husband chose teal stripes so he had purple ribbing, magenta heel, and a yellow toe.


So far so good.  Stay tuned for more dyeing fun and more stockings!

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