Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Musings: And how the food goes

It's with great trepidation I talk about this.  How the diet is going and the weight loss because  I've been so against dieting and I'm not all that fat phobic.  I disagree with most of the standard medical info that fat is bad or being fat is bad.  I don't necessarily think  just losing weight is necessary to be healthy.  Eating healthy and being active is the most important part of the equation. I don't think model thin has to be the goal. It certainly isn't my goal. Despite all that I'm going to share how much I weighed and how much I lost.

My goal was to get from 190 pounds to 170 pounds and possibly a few more than that since things are going well.  I'm exited to report that I have lost 13 pounds! I am down to 177 pounds. Only seven more pounds and I have reach my initial goal.  I might need to sacrifice something to the adipose gods for the ease in weight loss so far.

I'm torn about the focus on the weight.  I'm frustrated because "Why haven't I gone down another pant size yet !?"  Yet the size 14 jeans I wear do fit and the skirt I bought a few years ago fits again as well as a pair of shorts I was about to send off to the thrift store.  That's the challenge with a diet is how to balance out the goal of being slimmer and not getting all caught up in the body image bullshit.  Because if I don't focus on the size I do feel better and feel lighter now that I have lost some weight. I'm a bit giddy about that.

I remind myself weight loss wasn't the entire goal.  The other goals was to eat three meals, at least three cups of veggies a day, eat delicious food, and eat until I am satisfied.   So far I'm making that happen. There were a few days when I thought, "Oh crap meat and veggies again???"  Yet what else is there? Food is food and we need to eat.  So that's just something to get over.  It was probably a busy stressful day that I just hadn't planned well for.

Sauteed  peppers and basil, roasted eggplant, Anasazi beans, grilled steak

We started out not eating any grains, starchy veggies, fruit, and most dairy during the week.  I did use milk in my one cup of coffee in the morning.  I changed when I drink my coffee to after breakfast as a mid morning treat so now I really get to enjoy it.

Every night after dinner I have a glass of wine and a small bit of dark chocolate.  I love that! I added a smaller glass if wine while I cooked dinner  as well.

As the month progressed I was getting hungry late in the afternoon so I needed something to take the edge off so I could eat dinner with Stephen.  I found I enjoyed crunching on some nuts but they didn't seem to satisfy the hunger.  So I started having a small amount of Greek yogurt late in the afternoon.  Then later added about a 1/4 cup of raspberries or blueberries to the yogurt for a bit of  sweet.  That helps and I like too.

Starting in September we added back in the cheese.  It's been lovely to have some in an omelet or some feta cheese sprinkled on some veggies.  It adds a bit of punch to a meal. I love melted cheese!

Grilled chicken thighs, zucchini pappardelle topped with walnuts and feta cheese.

I am getting a little tired of eggs in the morning for breakfast.  So I might change it up with some yogurt, nuts and fruit  or something more like a lunch meal a few times a week. I was eating three eggs in the morning and I have cut that back to two.

Over all I like how we are eating now. I've learned about the foods I really truly enjoy like avocados, feta cheese, roasted okra,  kalamata olives, and japanese eggplant.  So eating and cooking has been more fun.

one of my mexi bowls 

I like our indulgence day.  The first few Saturdays I did indulge quite a bit: cheeses, desserts, bread.  But as the month progressed  I found I don't like feeling so full all day.  So I want to make those indulgences incorporated into more of a meal and plan of some sorts.  I'm sure to keep this day as my main dessert day and maybe forever.

Stephen and I are walking three days a week and I walk whenever I need to do errands in my neighborhood.   Now that we have a new bike pump we can get some air in the tires and start biking to the farmers market in Saturdays.   I really don't like to exercise to exercise but I do like to move and feel good moving so this is perfect for me.

So so far so good. Bon Appetit!

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  1. I, for one, always appreciate your shares. Feeling good is a priority. I've made some major diet changes myself in the last year. My biggest priority has been to never feel as if I am denying myself. The changes have taught me about foods that were not sitting well with me. Dairy, for instance! So hard for this farmer's daughter (and former dairy farmer, at that) to let go of go-to comfort foods -- cheese and ice cream. But when my body so clearly tells me it is better... hard to go back. I find your food photos nearly as lovely as your fiber photos! Yum!