Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Musings: Snacking, treats and enjoy it

I'm not really craving bread or pasta or potatoes.  But I do miss crunchy salty things like popcorn with lots of butter or chips with salsa or lunch.  I do dream about desserts and cheese a bit.  I don't crave it as such.

So to deal with this if I am hungry between meals I snack on tamari almonds or pumpkin seeds.  Sometimes if I am really hungry I eat a spoonful of peanut butter.  The peanut butter tastes almost sweet so it really hits the spot.

If I am having a really hard time, I write things down I want for my cheat day.  So  I made a great pica de gallo a last week and wanted more I could eat with some chips.  So for one day I enjoyed crunchy chips with fresh pica de galo. I really didn't eat that much.  My body has gotten used to eating smaller meals I don't want much.

My idea of a treat has changed a bit too.  Food was sometimes this reward for a stressful day.  Now it's hey I really miss that flavor or texture, when can I enjoy that next?

A few weeks ago just before cheat day I was dreaming of corn tortillas.  So we had beef tacos with corn torts for lunch on Saturday.  I made some fresh chips from the rest of the torts to eat some guacamole.  It was divine I tell.

(edited for clarity)

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