Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Getting My Spin On

I've wanted to spin enough yarn on a spindle about 4 ounces so I could knit some mittens or a hat.  I decided this fall was the time.  Since I was at the farmers market this Saturday I found some wool that was just perfect.  I forgot to ask what kind.  So I will tell you later.


The fiber was washed but not ready to spin quite yet.  I started by flicking the locks but found it's just too short a staple for that.  Then I teased the locks and carded on my drum carder.  That wasn't quite right for this fiber either.  It could be because it's so fly away.  In the end I chose my 112 tpi hand cards.  I'm so glad to do this.  I can sit comfortably in my chair with  the green pillow case in my lap then tease some fiber, card some fiber, then spin some yarn.  It's been nice.

On the picture below starting from the left you can see unteased fiber, teased fiber, then carded fiber.


So far so good, I've spun  one ounce so far.  I did this cool trick of slipping the singles onto some skewers I had in the kitchen. Then to hold the singles in place I added some clothes pins.  This is going a bit faster than I thought it would. I'm a fourth of the way done!

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  1. I really enjoy hearing about your fiber projects, but I especially love the images you post. I think there is a photo talent there as well as a fiber talent!