Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's Cookin' Wednesday

I figured it out! I've been sharing quite a bit about food the last few weeks. I want to keep sharing about what we've been eating and recipes I put together. But I've missed talking about fibery crafts but I love alliteration.  So it finally came to me:  What's Cookin' Wednesday.

So what's been cookin' at Chez Fiber Star?

Leftovers for lunch on Friday last week and what we had for dinner on Thursday:


Roasted Chicken and gravy in a slow cooker. *  Roasted green beans and carrots.


Yummy food from the farmers market: sunberries (in the bowl), Japanese eggplant my new favorite summer veggie, okra, peppers, apples, damson plums, and sweet potatoes.

The sunberries are new to us but have kind of a cool connection for me.  Sunberries are in the nightshade family and were developed by Luther Burbank.  I volunteered at the Luther Burbank home when we lived in California.  I don't remember sunberries but I do remember white raspberrries and elephant garlic. Sunberries have an unusual taste, kind of smokey and sour. I think they would be nice added to a savory dish of some sort or something sweet with some sugar.  

Bon Appetite!

* Not sure if it's just me but I find it hard to connect to nom, nom paleo sometimes but eventually the link does work.  So don't give up. 

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