Saturday, November 26, 2005

Good and Lazy Day

I started the day with quiet, coffee and my current book, The Outlander by Diana Gabaldon which I am enjoying so, so. It's kind of a slow starter but it could be that I am distracted with the holidays.

I got ready to go thrift store shopping. I love to shop at thrift stores although office supply stores, fabric stores, yarns stores, and craft stores come in at a close second. I love thrift stores because I can often get many things I like: yarn, misc craft stuff, fabric, and office supplies at a bargain.

Today I scored:

* Old fashioned Christmas wrapping paper, shiny mirrory paper, ribbon and some holly looking leaves we will be use to make our holiday cards. Our cards will be inspired by Art Trading Cards. I haven't quiet decided yet but the cards will either be the size of ATCs or we will mount them on larger card stock.
* A rock candy lab kit appropriately wintery but I would have gotten it anyway.
* I was hoping to find a used Monopoly game but found Payday instead. Jade and I played a game when I got home. She was a wiz at adding and subtracting money as the banker.
* I also got some mugs for melting wax to make some colorful candles and some glasses to used as the molds.
* A green backpack purse for Jade.
* A red hooded sweatshirt for Corbin. Red is now Corbin's favorite color, it use to be blue.
* My most favorite score today were two purple and green, my favorite colors, Christmas stockings for Stephen and me.

After I got home we got some cleaning up done in the yard. The kids played in the sand box. It was a glorious day outside. The kids made "cat poop" with mud and sand to try and fool their dad. Corbin made some mud drawings. We got hungry and since we didn't have much food in the house and a dirty kitchen too, we decided to go eat at Sonic. While the kids were getting cleaned up a friend of Jade's dropped by so we took her with us.

On the way home I saw several people walking their dogs. It made me a bit wishful for one. So Stephen said "Should I head to the animal shelter?" Corbin was definitely for it. I thought we should really think about it a bit and be more prepared too.

So when we got home Stephen and I googled dogs we might be looking for. Jade would like the dog to be not too big. I do not want a teeny, tiny yip-yip dog. I like big dogs myself so we are hoping for a medium sized dog. Ideally the dog we get will have a fairly mellow temperament. I am probably asking for too much but I can hope.

Stephen cooked up some amazing smoked turkey. Delish! Jade headed over to her friends house to play some more and now Stephen is heading out to the game store with Corbin so I am alone. The house is VERY quiet.

A good day. Gorgeous weather, thrift store shopping and good food.

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