Sunday, November 20, 2005

Memory Lane

Memory Lane

So how does it feel to have a 10 year old?

I feel


I feel amazed she was ever so little, so tiny, so fragile. My 10 yearold is solid and strong. I still see her smile and joy in her face as a baby and now as a child but a child almost as big as an adult.

In some ways I do feel sad she is growing up because I wish I had more time to enjoy all of her stages and all the transitions. And I feel excited that she is getting older. Looking through old photos I was reminded of the little toddling Jade and now I get to know the big grown up Jade.

Looking through the photos I am reminded of the miracle of life, of birth, of growing, and learning. It's just damn amazing.

So go kiss your kids and smell that baby smell if you still have a baby. Give them a hug. Enjoy their exuburance and their passion for life.

Have a Wonder Filled Day!

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