Tuesday, November 29, 2005


The kids had fun with the bit of snow we had yesterday. They got all bundled up and even got out their bikes. When they got cold they came inside and made some homemade cocoa.

I got some organizing and cleaning done then got out our craft supplies to get started on our holiday cards. I am so glad I like to thrift store shop because some of my past finds have come in handy this year: old stamps, old Christmas cards, gold and silver fabric paint, ribbon and more.

I am having so much fun this year making cards for friends and family, maybe even more fun than the kids. I just didn't want to stop. I started making cards around 11am and Jade made some with me for a few hours. Jade made a list of all our family getting gifts from us and made gift cards for each person. She wrote the list with ease (last year this would have been frustrating for her.) I kept making cards with breaks in between to help Corbin make brownies, eat some lunch, and play a few games of Go Fish until Stephen got home around 7pm. I took a break for some dinner and to connect with Stephen then got out some Shrinky Dinks to make some stars for some of the cards.

I am really pleased with what I have created so far that I'm tempted to keep all of them. I think I understand why my kids want to keep many things they create.

The kids are ready for more doing and creating today. Jade wants to make some melt and pour soaps. I want to make more cards.

A great day, creating, playing, listening to music, talking, and making plans. Today looks like much of the same.

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