Thursday, November 3, 2005

It's official...

I think I have worked out the glitches so all the links should work now. Thanks....

I have become a full fledged blogger GEEK. I found this really awesome site that I can organize books I have read in categories no less.

So now I am trying to remember books I have read this year, read in the past, and figure out appropriate categories for them all. I did say I was a GEEK right? It's a work in progress right now. So categories may change as I get a feel for it. Take a look: my reading history list for this year,some parenting books, and some about love.

On the side bar you can click on My Reading History and this will take you to my book list and see other categories. You can surf other public book lists on the site too. If you like to read it just might be a dream come true.

I am aslo adding books about unschooling, my kids favorite books, craft books, drawing books and more.

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