Saturday, November 12, 2005

Things are good but busy this weekend

Despite our busyness this weekend especially today. I like days like this because although active they just flow. Days like this are just more fun, more connecting, and more vibrant.

Things were wonderful today because:

* We listened to music by Adrienne Young and we sang along. You can see a video of one our favorite songs Home Remedy here you will need to scroll down to the Plow to the End of the Row album, find the song, then click on video.
* Jade got up this morning and started crocheting while Corbin and I were reading about dinosaurs.
* The kids played together, built with legos, and did some drawing.
* Corbin and I had a great time together picking out Jade's gifts.
* While we were gone Jade and Stephen found a larvae in our apple wood. They looked it up and decided it was a borer beetle larvae
* Stephen got our grill going to cook us up some pork and he made waffles for breakfast too. Yummy.
* I made some time to blog this.
* I got out by myself for a bit and did some shopping for solstice. I stopped by my favorite restaurant to get myself a quiche.
* I brought home a globe and the kids were excited about it.
* Stephen and Jade are on their way out the door to grocery shop. So it's time for Corbin and I to bake some cookies and listen to some music.

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