Tuesday, November 1, 2005

I love my husband!

I did cheer up on Halloween. We had a good day although there were a few stressful moments. When we got downtown to trick-or-treat I just didn't feel comfortable in the crowds this year. I keep forgetting that I really don't enjoy the crowds. I keep thinking I want to enjoy it because I do like Halloween and want to be there with the kids. I started getting stressed out. Would it be better if we were going the other direction? Corbin kept dropping his trick-or-treat pumpkin. I was nagging.

Then Stephen said: "Why don't you wait at the car while I take the kids trick-or-treating." I sighed with relief and think I heard angels singing overhead. I didn't go to the car, I don't think he really meant that. I went to Borders Books and ordered a mocha. I enjoyed an hour of peace and quiet sipping my mocha, seeing books I'd like to read and wishing I had my current book to read. Then I thought, "Hey maybe I could find Into the Wilderness and read some of it here." I found out it's a Romance Novel! I feel embarassed.

I admit that I have become a bit of a reading snob. I haven't read a romance novel, that I am aware of, in years. I did find out that In to the Wilderness is the first in a series of books so I get to find out more about Elizabeth's life. I will still miss her when I am done as I will mourn when the Harry Potter Series is finished. When I read the characters become friends and I want to know more about their lives and I miss them when I'm finished. I wonder who will Harry marry? Will he have children?

Back to Halloween

After the kids were done downtown we headed home. I took the kids out trick-or-treating in the neighborhood while Stephen stayed back to hand out candy. We got ONE trick-or-treater and she arrived just before I headed out with the kids. We didn't have the candy ready so the kids gave her some of their candy they got downtown. So Stephen got to relax and get a few rows of knitting completed. He's knitting a Slytherin scarf for Jade.

The kids and I came home with pumpkins overflowing with candy. Jade sorted her candy and they did some trades. Then Corbin helped Stephen start a fire. We turned out the lights then Stephen told us the story of Persephone and we ate some pomegranate. Jade wouldn't try any but Corbin said he liked it. Then Jade curled up in my lap and fell asleep. It isn't often my almost 10 year old snuggles in the like that. It was wonderful.

I put her to bed then snuggled into bed with Corbin. We had fun with the multi colored changing lights I got for our pumpkins. We watched the changing colors of light on the ceiling then we turned them off and went to bed. The next day was filled with candy eating, relaxing, and reading.

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