Sunday, November 6, 2005

Last night was good...

Last night we left computers, games, TV, and more important the dirty dishes behind to eat pizza out. We went to Rudy's pizza our favorite pizza place. It's the best pizza around next to Slice of Life which is in Sebastopol,Ca. Since our jet's in the shop we decided we would dine in town last night. (Okay, we don't have a jet but I am trying to be funny...did you laugh?)

Before we headed to the pizza place Stephen and the kids went into the used game store to find some "new for us" gamecube games. I headed over to our local book store to see what was there and I picked up a Book Sense flyer to get some book ideas for my bookclub. I found out Anita Diamant who wrote The Red Tent has written two more books which are now on my to read list. I headed over the game store to collect my family so we could eat some pizza. I was getting hungry.

While we waited for the pizza Stephen and I sang along with the Tom Petty album playing in the background. We imagined others were groaning listening to those geezers who grew up in the 80's..."Man they must be old."
The kids came prepared to keep busy with a game of go fish. We all must have been hungry because the pizza disappeared quickly and we didn't have much to take home with us. I washed my several pieces down with rootbeer my drink of choice with pizza although red wine is good too. It was heavenly. I forget how good pizza can been when you get it fresh from the oven.

We got home and the kids ran to the gamecube to try out their new games. I worked some more on my LibraryThing Book List and edited my profile there to define my tags for your browsing convenience and curiosity. Then I snuggled under the covers to read The Widow Ginger by Pip Granger which is the third book in a "series" of books set in the Soho district of London, England just after WWII. The books are chalkful of British slang that makes me smile. Sometimes I need to look it up to make sure I get the meaning. I read for a short while then Jade joined me and wanted to watch a movie. So I put my book down to spend some time with her.

We looked up some family and kid friendly movies and found Around the World in 80 Days staring Jackie Chan. I made some popcorn and Jade shared some of her Halloween candy with me. One of my favorite junk food treats is to eat chocolate or m&ms with salty popcorn. Yum. Watching the movies was slow going because Jade kept thinking about things and asking questions. We talked about the time period the movie was placed. I told her a long time a go I read a book by the same title which the movie is loosley based on. About half the way though she fell asleep, so I saved the movie and we will finish the movie some time today.

All in all a good day. Some reading time and especially some fun time with my family.

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