Friday, December 8, 2006

Christmas math!

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We've been doing some decorating and origami for the last few days. Jade's been making lots of stars using the klutz star kit, very fun. I bought it last year around the holidays and we finally got to it. Perfect timing I think.

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Corbin's made some hats and a lobster. Today he made a paper coin purse. Then Jade picked up a piece of origami paper and said something like this: "How do I make this piece paper like a full sheet of paper but smaller?"

I told her we would need find the proportion of the short side of the paper to the long side the larger sheet of paper and measure the small sheet of paper which we got 4.25 inches. I did the calculations out loud using the calculator on the computer.

We know that the longest side of the paper is 2.5 inches longer than the short side.
so I divided that by 11 and got 22.7%
then I multiplied 22.7% by 4.25inch sheet of paper and got of .96 which is almost 1inch so she estimated a little less than one inch and trimmed the paper to size, 3.29inches for the short side.

another way to have done it:
8.5 divided by 11 equals 77.3%
77.3% multiplies by 4.25 gives us 3.28

Why did she want to do this? She wanted to make a mini origami coin purse.

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Will the information click? I think so. The coolest part is she already could see that it was a proportional thing but just didn't know the words. The next coolest thing is it was inspired by living our life, celebrating the holidays. The learning was a side effect.

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