Saturday, December 2, 2006

On and off my book shelf

I recently finished an audiobook, The Last Days in Dog Town by Anita Diamant and narrated by Kate Nelligan. The Last Days in Dog Town shares the stories of widows, orphans, and spinsters in the mid 18oo's. In some ways it's so sad the trial so many had to face. At the same time the stories are so uplifting because the main women in the story are so strong and true to themselves. They see the good in everyone. I really enjoyed the story and felt I got to know the characters.

The narrator,Kate Nelligan, did a superb job with the voices. She's narrated a few books by Mary Higgins Clark, a mystery author I enjoyed in my college years. I may have to check some of those out when I'm in the mood to listen to a mystery.

I'm currently listening to The History of Love by Nicole Krauss. So far I have met who I believe to be the two main characters of the book. At some point, so the review at amazon says, the character's lives intertwine somehow. Last night, I put that on my shelf to finish listening Dragon Fly in Amber, which I have been waiting impatiently for.

Before bed I'm trying to read some from The Revival by Max Yoho but I am not having much luck staying awake. We are staying up too late. I'm torn between reading it now and reading Darwin's Radio by Greg Bear. I read this book a while back and enjoyed and felt like reading it again. It's a futuristic novel so maybe I'm needing a break from the historical fiction I have been reading lately.

I'm off to take a break form the cleaning I've been doing to finish up on an afghan and Listen to Dragon Fly in Amber.

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  1. Look at you go! November's over and you keep on blogging. I half-expected you to take a break ;-) Just wanted to say I'm really enjoying the daily news from your place. Sort of makes up for not seeing you as much in person this past month. We're going to have to double-up on the MNO in the spring to make up for lost time! Stay warm!