Wednesday, December 6, 2006

what we've been up to wednesday

Yesterday we hung out with our local homeschool group. I missed last time 'cause Corbin and I were sick. It was good to be back. T he kids had fun playing pool, air hockey, dolls, and building with legs. I really wish I had brought my camera 'cause all the kids came up with some really great lego creations.

Jade made brownies then we ate them of course. Here's what's left:
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Earlier this week the kids made a family of royal puppets out of toilet paper tubes.
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and played dress up
Dress Up

and made tents in the family room
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Sorry about the blurriness but I didn't want to retake the pic. Yes, I did pick up some before I took the picture.

I introduced the kids to hangman. Jade enjoyed it but Corbin just isn't as reading well enough to enjoy it. He was pretty frustrated.

Jade made some melt and pour soap for gifts. We are almost finished with that. We made some holiday cards. I'm almost finished with my gift crafting this year. Just one or two more things to make and a few more loose ends to weave in. Then I'm done. Phew!

I whipped this up over the last few days. It's for my sister, hope she likes it. It's my own design and I plan to write a up a pattern for it eventually.

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Right now the kids are watching Astroboy.

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