Saturday, December 30, 2006

Our Winter Soltice

We had a pretty good Winter Solstice. The only challenge was the kids did not sleep well at all the on the longest night of the year so neither did I. So I was not the most cheery or patient mom this year. Let's just say that things did not go all that well. I feel pretty sad about that but it was what it was. We are going to try to do things differently next year. I do not like being cranky mom during the holidays. I want to be magic mom. I like that better.

We didn't make a big deal out of the gifts this year. Partly because that's our goal as we want to focus on the celebration and not the gifts and partly because we really didn't have the money for it. So I didn't make a much of it for the kids to get each other something or us something, let them lead they way with that. Corbin has not been interested in the gift giving so much. This year he made of package for his sister just before Solstice and after Solstice he put some packages together for me and his Dad. It was so very sweet. So much better than taking him to the store to buy something. Jade made sure mom and dad had goodies in our stockings this year. She bought it all with her allowance no less!

We started the evening by lighting our solstice candle, symbolically catching the light to carry to the the new year. The kids lit their own candle as well. It was lovely to see them embracing the season and adding their own spirit to celebration.

We shared a lovely dinner of cheese fondue and chocolate fondue. Everyone enjoyed it. Then each of the kids opened up a small gift, a mini lego kit and and we opened one gift for the family. We usually buy a few games for the family around this time of year. We got Carcassone. We had fun playing a round of the game then Stephen and the kids went to the Yule Vigil with the pagan group we hung out with lots long before kids. I stayed home because I was tired and wanted to go to bed.

The next morning we briefly woke up the sun and blew out our solstice candle. We bailed on our big breakfast we had planned because we were all so tired. So we plan to do something more simple next year and make the big breakfast on another day, maybe New Years.

I was relieved that the kids were pretty happy with their gifts, since we kept it small. Even though I don't want to focus on gift giving I like giving and want the kids to be happy with what they receive. I like surprising them too. We got Jade a cookie press and she has already made some with it. The bummer part is has stopped working so we will return it and see about getting a different one. One that won't break! Check out these trilobite cookies. We made some but I don't have pictures. We used mini m&m's for the eyes. We got Corbin some stickers for his skateboard and some fun leather stud jewelry. He was very pleased. He wants to be cool.

Jade and I spent the afternoon watching season one of Star Trek Voyager. Corbin and Stephen played on the gamecube. We are saving up for the Wii.

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