Saturday, December 16, 2006

Enough is enough and some fun too

I am so done being sick! I'm currently sniffling through my second cold, maybe even my 3rd cold of the season. Done, I tell you. Finito. Enough said.

Yesterday, I manged to have some fun finishing up an audiobook. I'll tell you more about that when my head clears. I've also read a few other books along with crocheting for the the holidays, visiting with family, and buying a yule tree.

This is what I had fun doing Thursday between coughs an sneezes:

Paper Stars

The star in front, I made with xmas cards I found at the thrift store. The star the farther back, I used pages from a flower arranging book.

Paper Stars

I found the pattern for it here from a way cool craftezine found here. I see lots of possibilities in the future.

I used double sided tape to put the points together and most of the base. I finished off the base with hot glue. I used hot glue to glue the points to the base.

3 great iPhotos
Corbin insisted I take a picture of him holding the stars. The first one he is practicing what I think is his punk look. Below a smile for me.

3 great iPhotos

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