Friday, February 17, 2012

Fiber Friday: Rainbow!

While at Spring Yarn School 2011 I learned how to use a drum carder.  Not only that I learned what happens when you combine different colors.  The yarn samples you see below are from the same fiber batt.  The one on the left was only run through the carder once maybe twice.  The one on the right was run through the carder three times and maybe four.  You get two very different yarns with something that starts out mostly the same.  Its a really fun way explore color.  I love both of these yarns but I favor the heathered on the right.  I love me some heathered yarns.


So in my spare time I dyed up some primary colors with some Blue Faced Lester(BFL) I had on hand.


These are my vary sketchy dye notes using Jacquard Acid Dyes

60 gram BFL maybe a bit more - 50ml of 1% solution sky blue with a little yellow

60 plus grams of BFL -  added about 1/4 tsp of yellow to the pot
60 grams plus BFL - added 50ml 1% solution red to the pot.


While watching movies on netflix I hand carded them into some lovely rolags. . 

Charging my carder lightly with each color in the portion below. So for example with Blue purple I added a small bit of blue then red then blue.  You don't want much on your carders then you don't get a very good rolag.  I' m not sure I did a very goo job of it myself. 

Blue purple: blue, red, blue
Red purple: red, blue, red
Orange: red, yellow, red
Dk Yellow: yellow, red, yellow
Lt Green: yellow, blue, yellow
Dk green: blue, yellow, blue

Then I got my spin on.  Spinning two bobbins of  singles with long rainbow color repeats. 


Then finally I had yarn! 


Spun on my Ashford Single Drive Traveler
ration 5:1  ratio and an attempt at long draw
2 bobbins chain plied to preserve the striping.

Skein 1
2.6 ounces   
121 yards
744 ypp
8 wpi
Skein 2 
2.6 ouncess
 108 yards
667 ypp

My goal was to make a self striping yarn but the stripes were longer than I wanted for the project I had in mind. So if I did something like this over again I will make each colorway first then make the project.  Someday when my spinning skills and patience align along with the stars I will spin a striped yarn.  I know it's possible but do I want to do it? That is the question. 


I have very basic notes how I knit these up on ravelry here.  If you've knit mitts before you they should help.  Basically it's knit in the round and the color change is a seed stitch.  So really easy peasy if you can be a bit fearless.  I'm working on a free pattern to share soon.  


  1. It's all gorgeous. I love the colors.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your process...I am totally inspired!
    And those mitts are super!